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Business Consulting

Business Process Consulting

Our consultants have vast experience in combining diverse systems into streamlined processes. We are often called upon to provide high level strategies and goal setting for organizations in transition.

Microsoft Office Guru’s

We can mentor someone on your staff to be the next Word and Excel Guru. OR let one of our Guru’s automate it for you and knowledge transfer to your internal staff.

Legacy Support

We can help you with virtualized environments to maintain your legacy systems.

Data Migration and Integration

Have data here? Need it there? We have experience helping customers migrate data between diverse systems. We also have the expertise on-staff to help with data integration between your vendors.

Telecommunications / Phones

Our industry expert has over 20 years in the field to help you navigate the often confusing world of telecommunications. Should you audit your phone bill? When should you think about changing phone systems? What about IP phones? From needs analysis to choosing a new vendor, we can help.

Disaster Recover Planning, Implementation and Testing

It doesn’t matter if you are a single business owner or an organization with thousands of users. We have flexible DR products to suit your business operation needs.

Help Desk Support

Need a tech on call? Supplemental staffing for a specific project? Someone to call on the phone for support? Remote Support? We are there to help.